The Truffles are hypogeal mushrooms (underground) that have a micorising relationship with the trees that host them. They grow just below the surface of the earth, living on the roots of different trees. Truffles are irresistible and have a great aphrodisiac power because their flavour is composed of chemicals that mimic the reproductive mammals pheromones. Eating, even smelling a truffle causes dizziness and euphoria that create a strong addiction.

Tartufo Bianco (Tuber Magnatum Pico) Tartuf nero pregiato (Tuber Melanosporum) Bianchetto (Tuber Borchii Vitt.)

Our truffles are harvested in Italy, where there is the perfect habitat, lands famous for the precious varieties of white or black truffles.
There is also a new variant of the black truffle, born in the woods of Subappennino Dauno, in Biccari, in Italy and protected by De.Co. (Municipal designations of origin) that guarantee traditional agri-food activities.

Tartufo moscato (Tuber Brumale)Tartufo uncinato (Tuber Uncinatum)Tartufo estivo (Tuber Aestivum Vitt)

The knowledge of the territory, the close relationship with truffle hunters and years of experience allow us to offer a product with an inimitable appearance, taste and smell.
Combined with products of the highest quality in our product variants suitable for any type of seasoning.