[BLOG] The search for truffles with pork

Who knows how many times you have talked about it in company, a nice story to tell each other to get a smile. Let’s debunk this myth:

The truffle pig

Traditionally for the search for truffles were used pigs as well as our four-legged friends that accompany us even today in our long walks in the woods . Since 1985, the search for truffles with pigs is prohibited in Italy, but in countries such as France it is still possible to practice it.

The pigs came and go (where the law allows) used in research because thanks to their highly developed sense of smell and their “weakness” for the very precious mushroom they could sniff it even at great depths.

That said, once they grow up, their weight and the consequent difficulty of their transport and management, especially because as I said earlier being lovers of truffles, their research was transformed into a freaky fury and ended up destroying the land, digging huge holes, destroying roots and everything that surrounded it from the beloved tuber. The latter among the main reasons that led to the prohibition of research with pigs, safeguard the territory and avoid destroying the habitat.

So they began to train the dogs , more noble, more manageable, more obedient and above all for instinct not devourers of truffles and not accustomed to procure their food digging holes and therefore protecting the truffle and its environment.

The unconditional love for our land, the enhancement of the territory of Monti Dauni , the recent discovery of a tasty variety of black truffle protected by the designation De.Co. was the birthplace of Ciocio , born to counter the big ones companies that have made their fortunes thanks to our territory and to the products of our uncontaminated land

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