[BLOG] How to store the fresh truffle

It will certainly have happened to you to have bought some fresh truffle or to have received it from a friend as a gift and after having cleaned it with a toothbrush and used it the same day grated and / or scaled to ask how to preserve the truffle advanced.

Remember, first of all, that the white truffle is much more delicate than the black truffle and that it is therefore advisable to consume it fresh and avoid stockpiling.

Keep the truffle in the fridge

The method certainly more known and more effective for the preservation of fresh truffles is to put it in the fridge , a bit for how it is done for all foods, wrapping it in paper absorbing it and replacing it once a day making sure it is always dry.
As an alternative to absorbent paper you can use a cotton cloth.

Keep the truffle in the rice

Another technique of conservation of the very well known fresh truffle, but not recommended by us, is to preserve the truffle by dipping it in a jar with some rice; with this method the truffle will be conserved for 3/4 days, the rice will tend to dry the truffle, weakening its aroma and making the typical streaks disappear from the glebe.
Your rice, in addition to having preserved your truffle, will naturally acquire the typical aroma of the truffle and will be ready to be prepared.

Keep the truffle in the freezer

The most durable preservation method is certainly that of freezing truffles, with this method you can keep your truffles up to 1 year.
After carefully cleaning your truffles with a toothbrush, washed and dried properly close them in a cellophane bag and put them in the freezer.
We recommend grating the truffle before storing it in order to preserve its aroma.

Store the truffle with butter

Another good way to preserve the truffle and flavor your food is certainly to immerse the fresh truffle in ice trays and cover it with butter, in this way the truffle will be stored for 30/40 days and we will have a delicious truffle flavored butter to use if necessary to prepare quick but tasty dishes at the same time.

Keep the truffle in extra virgin olive oil

As for the previous example, to preserve and flavor the ingredients you have at home, you can create single-serving portions using the ice trays dippingthe truffle in the extra virgin olive oil, in this way the truffle will be stored for 30/40 days.

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